Unique apartments
51 m2
min area
2 000 $
min price m2
Club house

The 14-storey building consists of one part. On the first floor there is parking, on the second floor - non-residential premises.

On each floor there are 5 apartments. From the 3rd to the 12th floors: one studio, two two-bedroom and two three-bedroom apartments.

On the 13-14 floors there are spacious apartments of the highest class: there are four penthouses with wide terraces with a panoramic view of the historic part of Kiev.

There are 55 apartments in the house.

Club house
Underground parking
Ground parking
Built and settled
Unique location

Modern engineering systems and the best building materials, comfortable lay-outs and spacious apartments, underground parking and covered parking for cars, almost 1000 sq.m. Non-residential premises in which the internal infrastructure facilities or your office will be located in due course - all this is the club house "NOBEL homes".

"NOBEL homes" is not just elite real estate of the highest quality, it is the best way to make your life in Kiev as comfortable as possible. "NOBEL homes" is a high-class and class-standard housing.

Selecting offers

2 250 $
Gogolevskaya st., 14
3 rooms / 7 floors
90 m2
ID: RV-034
1 699 $
Gogolevskaya St., 14
2 rooms / 7 floors
80 m2
ID: RV-021
1 150 $
GogolevskayĐ° str., 14
1 room / 9 floors
55 m2
ID: RV-94
1 100 $
Gogolevskaya St., 14
1 room / 7 floors
55 m2
ID: RV-011
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