Guide to new buildings. L-KVARTAL

The modern city doesn't end with the boundaries of its territory. Thanks to the Internet and mobile communications - it is everywhere. As well as living in it. But the point with the coordinates "here and now", which we call our home - remains. To live here means to live truly. Without much fuss, but in the rhythm of the city. Do not be late, but do not hurry. Because here everything happens on time.


Life "here and now" is the ideology of the residential complex "L-kvartal" and contains three mandatory ingredients: the client's interests, his comfort and safety. L-kvartal is located in the Solomensky district of Kiev on the boulevard Vaclav Havel (formerly Ivan Lepse) 6/7-A.

Its area is 0.76 hectares.

The number of apartments is 410.

Of them: 248 one-room (from 40 sq. M.), 100 two-room (62 sq. M.) And 62 three-room (87 sq. M). And also - an underground parking for 166 places and a closed guest parking.

The residential complex "L-kvartal" consists of 5 sections. It is worth noting on the first floors of the complex are already functioning commercial and office premises. Section L-5 is intended exclusively for office premises.

  Convenient location

The complex is located at the intersection of Nikolai Vasilenko Street and Vaclav Havel Boulevard (formerly Ivan Lepse), with a convenient traffic junction. In 10 minutes walk from L-kvartal is the metro station "Beresteyskaya", and the station "Shulyavskaya" - in 15. So, even without a car, you can get from the house to the center for some 20 minutes, and to the railway station - for 15.


One of the main advantages of the complex is the developed infrastructure. Quite a number of Kiev interregional customs, business centers "Premium" and "Silver", car dealers "AVT Bavaria" and "Atlant-M", as well as many shops, schools, kindergartens, polyclinics and other households.

The complex itself was commissioned in August 2016.

  Plus of  L-kvartal

The location, the proximity of the park, the layout of apartments, the availability of underground parking, the engineering component of the complex and the proximity of several schools and kindergartens.

   Minuse of L-kvartal

Location at the crossroads of two busy streets