Office 107 sq. m. Klovskiy Spusk 7
Klovskiy descent , 7
m. st. Klovska
Pecherskiy district
New repair
Panoramic windows
Best price
Rent a fully furnished office 107 m2 Klovsky descent, 7.
The office is located on the 36th floor in a non-residential fund.
The premises consist of: a working hall (12 seats), a meeting room (8 seats), a reception, a kitchen, a skype room, a bathroom, a dressing room, a server room and a recreation area.
Number of jobs - 12.
Furniture and equipment are included in the rental price.

The condition of the room is an ideal, completely new repair, panoramic windows, heated floors in wet spots and work areas.

The office is fully equipped with modern high-quality furniture. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment for the office: refrigerator, stove, microwave, kettle. Boiler. A / C, climate control.
Huge panoramic windows with a fantastic view of Pechersk and the city center. Located at an altitude of 125 meters.
Objectively - this is the best office for IT companies in the city of Kiev.
In the house round the clock security, video surveillance. High-speed elevators.
Convenient to the main thoroughfares of the city.

The end of the repair - 07/15/2019

Price - 55 у.е / m2