For sale building in the heart of Odessa
Primorsky blvd., 14
Primorsky district
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Odessa. Primorsky Boulevard 14.

The building is located in the most prestigious area of ​​the city. The house was built in 1820 by the architect Franz Boffo. From 1998 to 2000 a complete reconstruction of the building was carried out: the building was put on a new foundation, piles of 9-10 meters long (1500 piles) were pressed from the inside of the building, new floors were replaced, new communications were installed, a new marble staircase was installed, all window and balcony the frames are taken in a metal clip, the inner doors are made of solid oak, the windows are wooden made by Evrolex, the window sills are made of white marble.

The total area of ​​the building is 2500m2 (it is possible to increase the area). The building has five floors basement. There is also an autonomous heating system installed (4 independently operating gas boilers), a ventilation system, air conditioning, there is a constant supply of water (15 tons), the house is connected to two independent power supplies with a total capacity of 90 kW. It is possible to install an elevator. The repair was made in accordance with the general style of the building - in a luxurious Empire style using a large number of exclusive decorative elements. The same style decisions are used in the design of all offices. On the third floor of the building are two existing fireplaces: English made of cast iron and marble. Ceiling height 4.5 meters. The building has alarm and video surveillance, there is a 24-hour security.

The building is located in the historical and business center of the city. Next to the monuments of architecture, administrative buildings.

There is a project for the reconstruction of the building under the hotel. Due to its respectable location, the building will provide you with a steady income.

Currently, 80% of offices are leased.

Total area: 2500m2

The area of ​​the basement: 253.9m2

Area of ​​the 1st floor: 346m2

2nd floor area: 383.7m2

Area of ​​the 3rd floor: 385.7m2

4th floor area: 418m2

Area of ​​the 5th floor: 425m2

Area of ​​the 6th floor (attic): 300m2

Attic is possible to increase to the full floor.