VIP-level house with a plot and access to water
Klepcha village.
Beautiful view
New repair
Best price
The estate is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the suburb, on the banks of the Stugna River, in front of the village of Khlepcha.
Distant from the noisy road (1000m), and hidden from prying eyes, so you can enjoy the peace and comfort.
On a plot of 4.5 hectares are located:
  • main house
  • LUX class spa complex (690m2);
  • Stable (250m2) with room for a groom and a shower;
  • gym with the best equipment
  • shooting range
  • tennis court;
  • several buildings for household purposes;
  • guest house (150m2),
  • two guard houses
  • garage for 4 cars (110m2).
On the territory of a separate entrance, there is parking for guests cars, there is also the possibility of additional construction of houses (if necessary).
The site is surrounded by a forest from three sides, it has an outlet to the river, a pier! And there are no mosquitoes, or other unwanted creatures.

The main house is 350m2, it has: three separate bedrooms, an office, a kitchen, a spacious living room with a fireplace, a master unit, a swimming pool.
The house is fully equipped with furniture and appliances of the best world manufacturers, all decorative elements are exclusive and made to order.
During the construction of the complex used exclusively the best materials.
There was no savings or compromise in the construction or selection of materials / equipment / equipment / furniture was not!
They did everything exclusively for themselves !!
To the center of Kiev 30-35 minutes by car. To the nearest supermarket 10 minutes by car, about 10-15 minutes to the city (Teremki; SEC "Magelan").
The estate will give you the possibility of silence, comfort, comfort, peace, and the buzz of life in the countryside !!